Ever asked ‘why Gavi?’

The short answer: 1.5 million reasons

That’s the number of children under five who still lose their lives every year to diseases that could be prevented by vaccines. Since 2000, our Alliance has brought together public and private sectors to ensure equal access to vaccines for all the world’s children.

The long answer: 10 million reasons

By December 2018, when Alliance partners meet in Abu Dhabi for our mid-term review, Gavi will have helped deliver life-saving vaccines to 700m people. Over time, this will prevent 10m deaths – unlocking the potential of 10m additional lives.

  • Healthier children are more likely to attend and do well at school
  • Healthier communities spend less time caring for the sick and are more productive
  • Healthier countries save billions of dollars through the economic benefits of preventing diseases


Gavi has made a big impact on global health because we bring together all the key players in immunisation. The Alliance can draw on the expertise of the development community and the business know-how of the private sector. Our partnership includes UNICEF, the World Health Organization, the World Bank, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, vaccine manufacturers, donors, civil society organisations and, most significantly, low-income countries.

We encourage collaboration so everyone’s voice can be heard. We encourage innovation so new ideas can be shared and spread. Working together, we have transformed immunisation in the developing world.

  • Healthier markets: vaccines are now available to developing countries at a fraction of the price paid in rich countries.
  • Coverage: immunisation rates in the world’s poorest countries have grown to unprecedented high levels.
  • Equal access: new vaccines reach developing countries at almost the same time as rich countries
  • Sustainability: 16 countries fully self-finance all vaccines originally introduced with Gavi funding


In the build-up to our mid-term review meeting in the United Arab Emirates on 10-11 December, which will help guide our future vision, stories published on gotlife.gavi.org will show how Gavi’s public-private partnership model has delivered 18-years of innovation and progress in immunisation.

This website showcases lessons learned from our partnership model. The holistic approaches that are transforming the global immunisation landscape can benefit other development challenges: from strengthening health systems to meeting the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals

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