Got vaccines? Got life!


Got vaccines? Got life!
Gavi CEO Dr Seth Berkley: This is now… 18 years of progress

In his first presentation to MTR participants, Dr Berkley reports on Gavi’s progress halfway through its 2016–2020 Investment Opportunity goals, setting out the main challenges and lessons learned.

Gavi Deputy CEO, Anuradha Gupta. Gavi in action: deep dive into results

Reflection on Gavi’s impact to date and setting out of four key areas essential to reaching every child with life-saving vaccines.

“Gavi continues to lead the way. Self- financing by transitioning countries exceeded co-financing amounts in 2017 and is set to further double in 2018.”
“It is now well-established that vaccination disproportionately benefits poorer households.”
“While we should celebrate success, we must not rest on our laurels. We must spot challenges early on and get ahead of them.”

Ola Rosling, President, Gapminder

Data presentation on global trends in immunisation, health and development. The presentation included a summary of the issues Gavi was created to address and how the results of its work are manifested in different countries.